Davies Governance Insights 2017

Authors: Jennifer F. Longhurst, Anthony M.C. Alexander, Jessica Bullock, Olivier Désilets, Ivana Gotzeva, Jeffrey Nadler, Patricia L. Olasker, Poonam Puri, Franziska Ruf, William M. Ainley, Scott D. Fisher and Rachel Charney

Davies Governance Insights 2017 provides analysis of the top governance trends and issues important to Canadian boards, senior management and governance observers.

The 2017 edition provides readers with Davies’ take on important topics ranging from shareholder engagement and activism to leadership diversity and compensation trends and the rise in the number and complexity of issues facing boards and general counsel. In addition to providing our in-depth perspective on these core themes, we also tackle novel issues beginning to emerge in the governance space that in-house counsel, boards and senior management must be aware of, such as how boards should respond to potential risks relating to climate change and the governance challenges associated with dual-class share structures.

Many of 2017’s top governance issues and trends, both old and new, involve initiatives aimed at optimizing the leadership and performance of Canada’s public companies through improvements in governance structures and processes. Many of these are best practices and are frequently touted as processes that all public companies should implement. However, with more and more demands being placed on boards and governance professionals, the challenge becomes how to manage these competing demands and establish priorities.

This guide offers practical guidance for boards and senior management of public companies and their investors on these and many other corporate governance topics that we expect will remain in focus during the 2018 proxy season.

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