Multijurisdictional Disclosure System: Offering Securities and Reporting in the United States Using MJDS

Authors: Patricia L. Olasker, Robert S. Murphy, David Wilson, Sébastien Roy, Jeffrey Nadler, Scott D. Fisher, Mindy B. Gilbert and Neil Kravitz

The multijurisdictional disclosure system (MJDS) permits eligible Canadian issuers to publicly offer securities in the United States by using a prospectus that is prepared principally in accordance with Canadian disclosure requirements. The MJDS also enables these issuers to substantially satisfy their reporting obligations by using their Canadian continuous disclosure documents under the cover of the applicable MJDS form. As a leading adviser on matters relating to the MJDS, Davies has updated this informative guide, which provides the reader with a general insight into offering securities and reporting in the United States using the MJDS. Topics addressed include the following:

  • The preparation and filing of offering documents
  • The types of offerings and the applicable forms
  • The review and clearance of the offering documents by the applicable securities regulator
  • Other U.S. regulation of MJDS offerings
  • Annual and periodic U.S. reporting obligations for MJDS filers

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