International Views: A Canadian Playbook for 2022

Davies Insolvency Now, Issue 4

Authors: Natasha MacParland, Robin B. Schwill and Stephanie Ben-Ishai

In 2022, we expect to see an uptick in restructurings and insolvencies as fiscal protections expire and businesses face continued cash shortfalls, mounting debt obligations, altered consumer behaviours and rising interest rates.

Despite these challenges, while we recognize the immeasurable human loss caused by the pandemic, as restructuring professionals we are fortunate to see first-hand that disruption does not always equal loss and that with change comes opportunity.

In this issue of Insolvency Now, we examine four global innovations that will reshape Canadian insolvency and restructuring as we emerge from the pandemic:

  • a shifting focus on environmental, social and governance considerations
  • a resurgence of old tricks in debtor-in-possession restructurings
  • the rising popularity of debt-default activism and bond-driven refinancings
  • the changing role of courts and administrators in hard hit sectors

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Insolvency Now is a quarterly publication that analyzes key trends and developments in the insolvency and restructuring community.


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