Insolvencies in 2021: A Look Back and the Road Ahead

Davies Insolvency Now, Issue 5

As government supports recede and the focus shifts toward economic recovery, in this issue of Davies Insolvency Now, we take a deep dive into the implications of 2021 insolvency data for 2022, and explore the Canadian application of two key themes emerging from the 2022 World Development Report:

  • A sectoral analysis of insolvency activity is insufficient. Problems in one sector can have repercussions for the wider economy through multiple, mutually reinforcing channels that connect the financial health of households, firms, financial institutions and governments.
  • An expected uptick in filings will further challenge thinly stretched insolvency systems. We explore the emergence of alternative dispute resolution – in the form of both mediation and arbitration – as a potential tool for addressing judicial resource shortages.

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Davies Insolvency Now is a quarterly publication that analyzes key trends and developments in the insolvency and restructuring industry.


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