Q2 2021 Insolvencies: Crunching the Numbers and Keeping Good Faith

Davies Insolvency Now, Issue 3

Most of us have stopped asking, “When will it be over?” and have started wondering how we can live with COVID-19 – and how it will change our behaviour from now on. In the context of restructuring, as we saw during the recent Canadian federal election, bankruptcy and insolvency have become topics of increased interest in political and wider circles. This might mean we can expect a greater focus on regulatory reform in this area.

In this issue of Davies Insolvency Now, we turn our focus to one such legislative reform: the good faith amendment, which we are seeing in a range of our insolvency files. We also analyze insolvency statistics from the second quarter of 2021 to take a closer look at how businesses fared as Canada ended most of its lockdowns and vaccines were shipped across the country.

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