Investment Canada Act: Guide for Foreign Investors in Canada, 2019 Edition

Authors: Anita Banicevic, Jim Dinning, Mark Katz, Hillel W. Rosen, Charles Tingley, Alysha Manji-Knight, George N. Addy and Adam F. Fanaki

The regulatory landscape for foreign investments in Canada is constantly evolving. As a regular adviser on matters relating to the Investment Canada Act (ICA), Davies has updated this informative guide for foreign investors and their advisers, which provides an overview of the ICA and how it is applied. Topics addressed include the following:

  • thresholds and considerations that trigger a review under the ICA
  • factors considered during an ICA review, and timing of the review process
  • undertakings regularly required as a condition for approval
  • sanctions for non-compliance with the ICA
  • state-owned enterprise guidelines
  • national security reviews

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