In Focus: Building High-Performing Boards

Chapter 5 of Davies Governance Insights 2019

Building a high-performing board of directors has never been more important and more complex. The rise in shareholder activism, the increased scrutiny over environmental, social and governance issues and their oversight, and the growth of disruptive technologies are only a few of the reasons effective board governance is becoming an area of acute focus. Meanwhile, the corporate governance landscape has grown more complicated, making it increasingly difficult for directors to manage the sometimes inconsistent and evolving demands of multiple constituencies while also fulfilling their fiduciary duties. In this chapter, we take an in-focus look at a wide range of legal requirements, guidance and governance best practices aimed at helping issuers maximize the quality and effectiveness of their boards of directors.

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This chapter appears in the 2019 edition of Davies Governance Insights, our comprehensive annual report on the trends and issues most important to Canadian public companies.

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