Wellness and Mental Health

Building resilience, promoting well-being and removing the stigma around mental health are critical to an inclusive, positive working environment. These practices also enhance our productivity and overall quality of life.

Recognizing this, we have implemented a variety of programs and initiatives to support these goals.


Our Programs

  • We are the first law firm in Canada to provide all firm members with complimentary access to Headspace, a meditation app designed to teach mindfulness and promote mental and emotional wellness.
  • In addition to offering our legal professionals on-site counselling at our offices, all firm members and their families have complimentary 24/7 access to MindBeacon, a customized digital therapy service that offers cognitive behavioural therapy guided by a registered mental health professional.
  • We introduced Inkblot, a fully digital, comprehensive mental health service that uses a unique matching system between individuals and counsellors, to all firm members.
  • We established two internal programs, the Healthy Minds Network and DaviesStrong, to host regular presentations from healthcare professionals, begin to normalize the conversation around mental health, and provide resources and strategies to help build resilience in ourselves and our teams.