Janice Perri

Janice Perri

2021/2022 Articling Class, Toronto

Law School
Osgoode Hall Law School
York University

Janice’s background in philosophy has equipped her with strong critical thinking and reasoning skills that will readily transfer to the practice of law.

Janice chose a career in law for the opportunity to have a positive impact on the community while being constantly challenged with new and complex legal problems. She believes that to best serve clients, a lawyer must be emotionally intelligent, adaptable to new information and attuned to the interests of all stakeholders.

If you were not a lawyer, what career would you have chosen?

An author. I think sharing stories is at the core of humanity.

What common myth about Davies would you want to dispel?

That there is only one kind of person who works at Davies.

From my experience, Davies has a diverse range of personalities that are all able to thrive.

Whom have you learned the most from personally or professionally?

My parents taught me the importance of integrity, to have conviction in my beliefs, and that every interaction is an opportunity to learn. These lessons will help me to always remember who I am, both personally and professionally.