Tyson Lowrie

Tyson Lowrie

Student, Montréal

Law School
McGill University
Concordia University

Tyson enjoys being challenged intellectually, which is the prime reason he chose to study law.

A former career in journalism equipped Tyson with the ability to think strategically and taught him the value of working as part of a cohesive team in order to reach a common goal – skills he believes are essential to practising law.

Tyson found our interview process to be open and relaxed. He is enthusiastic about developing his career surrounded by people he connects with personally and who are at the top of their game professionally.

What inspires and motivates you?

I get a real sense of satisfaction from fulfilling expectations to the best of my ability.

Name an organization that means a lot to you.

The Legal Information Clinic at McGill. I volunteered there in my second year of studies, and I was able to help people in the community with problems ranging from landlord disputes to divorces. For a person who doesn’t know where to turn, sometimes even a simple answer can bring relief and peace of mind.

If you were not a lawyer, what career would you have chosen?

A pilot. One of my favourite experiences was flying over the Rocky Mountains on the way to Vancouver.