Matthew Boulden

Matthew Boulden

Student, Montréal

Law School
McGill University
McGill University
University of Ottawa

With both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in political science, Matthew has a strong perspective on how working in law can have a broad impact across society, politics and the economy.

Matthew is interested in corporate law, as well as in tax litigation and other types of litigation.

What surprised you most about Davies during the interview process?

I was surprised that Davies has a lean-by-design model for its firm. This shows that the firm prioritizes developing their talent and trusting new lawyers with more responsibility.

Why did you choose to work at Davies?

I chose Davies because it is a firm where I can learn so much, so fast and where I will be given more responsibilities, yet lots of mentor support. I think that Davies also has high standards and I want to work somewhere that will challenge me.

If you were not a lawyer, what career would you have chosen?

Probably politics. I love connecting with different types of people, understanding how I can serve them and learning about what makes good policy/law.