Louise Hoffman

Louise Hoffman

Student, Montréal

Law School
McGill University
McGill University
One semester at University of Edinburgh

Louise has always been motivated to seek new challenges and finds fulfilment in delivering quality results for clients.

She is interested in all areas of business law but is particularly intrigued by litigation.

What surprised you most about Davies during the interview process?

During my Course aux Stages interviews, I was surprised to see that the lawyers were not checking my file or taking notes on my answers. Instead, they had invested the time to learn about me prior to the interview and were present when I was giving my answers. The interview felt more like a conversation with mentors.

If you could have your own talk show, who would you invite as your first guest?

Zinedine Zidane. Being half French, I have always wanted to know what truly went down in the 2006 World Cup.

Is there something about you that we would be surprised to learn?

I love trying new sports and have recently taken up surfing! In the last year, I have surfed in Mexico, France, Portugal and the United States.