Adam Waitzer

Adam Waitzer

Étudiant, Montréal

Faculté de droit
Université McGill
University of British Columbia

Traduction en cours.

Adam believes a good lawyer must be part academic, part businessperson and part writer. His undergraduate degree in International Relations similarly brought together a wide range of disciplines, including economics, history and political science.

He is drawn to the collaborative, fast-changing and policy-driven aspects of tax practice and looks forward to gaining experience in this area.

If you were not a lawyer, what career would you have chosen?

An architect. I’m convinced that excellent design can contribute meaningfully to human well-being. Being able to shape the built environment around me therefore seems deeply rewarding.

What experience, job or internship have you learned the most from or found most rewarding?

Working on tax policy at the federal Department of Finance. Despite the often convoluted nature of tax policy, I always felt that the work was meaningfully connected to social, economic or environmental policy objectives.

Is there something about you that we would be surprised to learn?

I speak five languages.