Canadian and U.S. Tax Laws: A Review of 2016 and a Look Ahead to 2017

The year 2016 was eventful from a Canadian tax perspective, with the current Liberal government introducing its first federal budget and important judicial developments that included two decisions in tax cases by the Supreme Court of Canada. Conversely, while U.S. tax developments in 2016 were limited to regulatory changes – some of them quite significant – it is anticipated that 2017 will mark the beginning of major legislative tax developments as the president-elect’s new administration begins to implement promised tax reforms.

This article looks back at tax developments in Canada and the United States in 2016 and offers a look forward to possible Canadian and U.S. tax developments in 2017.

Canadian Tax Review and Outlook

  • Key Canadian tax developments in 2016
  • Outlook for Canadian tax developments in 2017

U.S. Tax Review and Outlook

  • Key U.S. tax developments in 2016
  • Outlook for U.S. tax developments in 2017

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