The Banking Regulation Review, 7th ed.: Canada Chapter

Containing submissions from authors in 40 countries and territories, The Banking Regulation Review is a comprehensive guide to regulatory banking law around the world. A team of Davies lawyers has contributed the Canada chapter, which provides a thorough overview of the country’s banking regulation, covering the following:

  • the regulatory regime applicable to banks
  • prudential regulation
  • conduct of business
  • funding
  • control of banks
  • transfer of banking business

The chapter concludes with a review of 2015 banking regulation highlights and developments and a look ahead at 2016.

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Increase of Transfer Duties in Montréal

Dec. 17, 2019 - The City of Montréal has adopted a bylaw that will increase the transfer duties payable in Montréal for transactions exceeding $2 million, starting on January 1, 2020. The City is adding a new bracket for the basis of imposition for transfers of immovables exceeding $2 million and has set the...