Canadian Mergers & Acquisitions – A Guide for Foreign Investment Banks and Bidders, 7th ed.

An informative reference for foreign bidders and investment banks, Davies’ Canadian Mergers & Acquisitions guide has been fully updated for 2015. Drawing on our extensive experience in multijurisdictional merger and acquisition transactions, this guide provides an insight into the types of Canadian acquisition transactions and related regulatory considerations. This seventh edition discusses the following:

  • takeover bid rules
  • plans of arrangement
  • pre-bid considerations and post-bid steps
  • directors’ duties in change of control transactions
  • the Competition Act and the Investment Canada Act and other restrictions on foreign investment
  • selected tax issues for acquirers, targets and shareholders

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Canadian Competition Bureau Sends Year-End Tidings of Merger Filings

Dec. 23, 2019 - In his own version of the pre-holiday rush, the Canadian Commissioner of Competition has in the last several days challenged one merger transaction and entered into a consent agreement to preserve assets pending his review of another. The Commissioner’s latest actions reflect and reinforce the...