Abuse of Dominance

Authors: Mark C. Katz, Anita Banicevic and Alysha Manji-Knight

“Abuse of dominant market position,” or “abuse of dominance” as it is more generally called, is considered one of the cornerstone provisions of the Competition Act. This chapter provides a detailed overview of the provision, including its origins, purpose, enforcement, elements, remedies, defences and exemptions.

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Small Mergers Loom Large on Canadian Competition Bureau’s Radar

Sept. 30, 2019 - Canada’s Competition Bureau is actively seeking and reviewing smaller acquisitions that may not exceed pre-merger notification thresholds under the Competition Act but that may nonetheless raise substantive competition issues. The Bureau’s demonstrated interest in evaluating smaller mergers...

Top Court Expands Scope of Potential Liability in Price-Fixing Class Actions

Sept. 24, 2019 - The Supreme Court of Canada has released its long-awaited decision in two companion appeals that have significant implications for class actions alleging conduct that contravenes the criminal provisions found in Part VI of the Competition Act (Act). In its decision in Pioneer Corporation...