Patricia Olasker and Poonam Puri Named in Top 25 Most Influential List

Canadian Lawyer has named Davies partner Patricia Olasker and Davies affiliated scholar Poonam Puri in its annual list of Top 25 Most Influential.

As two of the five featured lawyers in the corporate-commercial law category, both Patricia and Poonam are honoured for the impact they’ve had within the legal community. Patricia is recognized for her role in the development of Canadian securities law and policy, as well for being a leader in her field. As one voter said, “She is an inspiration to women aspiring to be at the top of their legal profession.”

Poonam, a previous honouree, is recognized for her work on investor protection. A professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, Poonam is described by Canadian Lawyer as someone who “bridges many divides, including those between the profession and the academy as well as that between investors and those who advise them.”

Canadian Lawyer’s Top 25 survey seeks to identify the most influential lawyers over the last 18 months on the basis of votes from the magazine’s readership.


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